Consuming the rests

by Black Spirals

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released August 30, 2010



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Black Spirals Paris, France

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Track Name: Refrigerium
Caught in this spiral,tortured by mayhems.
No salvation and no redemption.

No one gets out alive.

No ropes big enough to carry the weight of wasted desires
Forever stuck, IN THIS HELL.
Track Name: Nec deus intersit, nisi dignus vindice nodus
No need to run, time's running out,
watch the grass turning into stones.
Nothing stays the same,
everything's going to an end.
Track Name: Illusions
as time goes by,reality sweeps illusions,
light slowly fade into blackness.

Everyday brings new disaster.

Perfect tragedies at the right time of life,
i wont sleep to dream again, my paradise is now lost.

What wouldnt I give just to be a child again,
to think that the sky can be blue today.
Track Name: Beast of Burden
The way you take Will lead you to your fucking end
Stuck in your bullshit jail, BEAST OF BURDEN
Realize it, mind is a godsend.
It's time to crawl up to the burning tree of knowledge.

They try to make us blind
Incurable headache fed by world mistakes

The way you take Will lead you to your fucking end
Stuck in your bullshit jail

Beast of Burden
Track Name: Dazed and Damaged
stealing lightnings from the vault of heaven.
Robbing swords and shields from tyrants.
This fuckin void gradually possesses land,
Death's knocking at doors, fear the last downpours.

Here will end this world.

"Sweet bloody rain entering the flesh.
Hear the sound of trompets booming in your head.
Do you know yet what it's like to be dead?
Can't promise you the feeling's oh so fresh!"
Track Name: Hands / Ends
Sky is burning, sun is freezing
Can't explain how things have fuckin' changed.
Evolution through regression, humanity suicide.
Human limits is in our twisted minds.

Mass holocaust

Progress, key word of the upcoming extinction.
Track Name: Inferno
i grew up feeding my anger
Purifying myself from the shit i heard.
fuck, annihilate it all.
why does chaos mean so much to me?